We provide tailor made betting solutions for our clients. Whether you are an individual, syndicates or bookmakers, we are able to take care of your needs

Highly recommended for bets ranging from 10euros to 3000 euros. One betting account for our client offering the best prices with more than 2500 live games a month.A betting account with limits which is more than any online bookies. Best of all, all kind of players are welcome and you will not get limited or banned.

Highly recommended for bets ranging from 3000euros to 10,000 euros. Mulitple betting accounts for clients who need to bet more. This can be used for hedging and trading purposes.Multiple betting account is suitable for mid level punters who need volume that can be achieved in several different bookies.

Highly recommended for bets more than 10,000euros. High volume betting for syndicates,bookmakers who need to place amounts that cannot be achieved with multiple accounts. High volume betting solution caters to clients who need to bet volume in excess of 10k euros.

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