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[ 21-10-2016 ]
Football gambling: sports betting tips and strategies to win

You will be often suggested the "Half Time / Full Time" method; known as "66%", it is a technique to win simply. Neertheless, this is doubtful since, as you play 6 results of 9, you have, of course, 66% of opportunities of winning in theory; nevetheless, practice says another thing. Hence, the 6 gambles to make spending this technique are the gambles with fewer opportunities to win, and in practice you seldom win. And as this is the circumstance, it is absolutely good luck! In any circumstance, it is impossible to have regular winnings, not even to make benefits!

Try more this variant: instead of playing on the 6 results that have the fewer opportunities of success, why don't you gamble on the 3 results with more opportunities of winning in the sportsbook casino? Of course, it is about less with lower benefits, but you will master to make a little profit.

Principle of the method :

As the 66% techniques, this technique on soccer gambles are only applicable to "Half-Time / Full-Time" gambles.

The idea is to forecast the result at half time + the result at the end of the soccer tournament.

So as to do this, choose a soccer match to gamble on; then, choose the type of gamble "Half-Time / Full Time"

Compositions of results are available, for instance, in a Manchester - Real Madrid match, we have:

M = Manchester win

R = Real Madrid win

X = draw




This is 9 available results :

You must gamble on the 3 results where benefits are the lowest since they are those who have the better opportunity of winning!

Attention! Do not gamble bet without having sports betting tips and strategies! Your gamble on every game has to be adapted regarding the benefits so you will make sure some benefits, at least to get back your bets in circumstance of losing gambles.

Here we describe for you how to proceed:

For instance, in a Manchester - Real Madrid match, where the 3 results with weaker benefits are:

M = Manchester win

R = Real Madrid win

X = draw

M/M benefit 4.75 X/M benefit 4.40 R/R benefit 3

You are going to gamble $10 on the M/M result with benefits of 4.75; $10 on the X/M result with benefits of 4.40 and the double on the R/R result with benefits of 3

This method, you cover the 3 most potential results in the circumstance of a winning game of one of your 3 gamble, so you get some benefits:

Sum of gamble = $40

Result M/M : money = $47.50 ($10 x 4.75), you win $7.50

Result X/M : money = $44  ($10 x 4.40), you win $4

Result R/R : money = $60 ($20 x 3), you win $20

It is crucial to select well the soccer matches where you are going to gamble since the benefits of the 3 gambles that you are going to make (the 3 gambles that serves the lowest benefit of the 9 available) are crucial for the method to work:

- Among the 3 chosen gambles, the 2 with better benefit have to have a odd ratio greater than 4

- Among the 3 chosen gambles, the one with fewer benefit hae to have an odd ratio greater than 2

Luckily, it is like that in most circumstance of HT/FT gambles, so you can apply this technique to many tournaments

For you to become familiar with this techniques, we suggest you to begin with little quantities (original gambles of $1) and to not start over gambling as long as you have not recover your original capital.

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