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Point Sports betting tips in Malaysia
[ 07-10-2016 ]
Point Sports betting tips in Malaysia

What is point sports betting tips?

As you are new to sports betting tips, you probably not understand all the numbers and signals spent by bookmakers as determining the favorite or underdog in any given sporting match up. Whilst most sports lovers are accustomed to seeing the point spread in the paper or on TV, they do not necessarily understand what is point sports gambling.

The best method to illustrate a point spread is as a number odds makers spend to handicap two teams or sides so as to operate equal gambling interest on both sides. The favorite (or ‘chalk’) needs to bring gamblers the right deal of points to attract enough interest to gamble them. Underdogs, in the other side, should bring only enough points to attract the ‘dog’ gamblers.

Take, for instance, the Malaysia point spread benefits on the Kuala Lumpur Patriots versus Malaysia Panthers game below:

Kuala Lumpur Patriots -8.5 (-110)

Malaysia Panthers +3.5 (-110)

How do point Sports betting Work?

The team that is loved to win by the benefits makers (also regarded as the ‘favorite’ or the ‘chalk’), is given a minus (-) value. So, in the above instance, the Patriots are fancied by 8.5 points in this gambles. Conversely, the underdog (also known as the ‘dog’) is given an add (+) value. In our instance, the Panthers are 3.5 point underdogs. The -110 value per side is the book maker’s commission or for taking your betting experience and will be explained in more information below.

Spending the point spread in our instance of 3.5 points, you would wager on the Patriots as you believe they can win the game by 5 points or over. It is 5 points and not 4.5 points because there are no half points in soccer. This half point is mentioned to as a “hook” in gambling terminology.

Hence if Malaysia wins the game 20-14, then they not only win by 6 points but they also cover the 3.5 point spread as the favorite. Nevertheless, as the Patriots win 20-17, hence they have NOT covered the 3.5 point spread because they just won by 3 points. The Panthers have covered since they stayed within the spread by not losing by 4.5 or over.

When does your gamble cover the round?

Another sports betting tips to figure out if your gamble covered the spread is by taking the final score and adding the favorite value from the favorite’s entire scored points in the game or putting the underdog value to their score to see who has more points.


Let’s say Malaysia wins the game 20-14.  Take Malaysia’s total points of 20 and add the point spread.

20 – 3.5 = 16.5

Hence, for gambling targets, as you had new gambles, you won, because 16.5 is greater than 15. That is, gamble won by more than 3.5 points, so the Patriots win against the spread (ATS).

Malaysia sports gamblers will search for the best possible value as it comes to both point spreads and money lines at the best gambling sites. This means they oftentimes have gambling accounts at multiple sports books so as to “price shop” for the best numbers. Finding the best numbers can make the alteration between a winning and losing gambling season for smart sports gamblers.

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