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[ 14-09-2016 ]
Asia Broker in Singapore

About Us

Asia Broker, founded in 2000, we were rebranded Asia Reinsurance Brokers (ARB) in April 2008.

We are a free specialist reinsurance and insurance danger methods supplier.

Delivering reliable intellectually crafted concepts and long term methods to our guests around the region has brought us levels of trust and market credibility unrivalled by our players.

Our guests are insurers, reinsurers, brokers, major corporations, agents, banks and interest groups.


ARB's intimate Knowledge of regional cultures, local markets, regulations and their changing conditions and provides.

ARB's Independence means we are free to act in our guests' best interest with unbiased advice and whole commitment.

ARB's Quality. The experience, passion and faith of ARB's professionals to out show our players 24/7.

ARB's Agility allows us to provide the speed of engagement. Every guest is vital.

ARB's Creative inhouse analytical devices provide:

Confidence and relicapacity

A proven track record of success

A clear vision for creation and difference

A platform to derive increased profitcapacity from existing portfolios

ARB's Integrity and exceptional claims handling shared with the expertise of our servicing teams are deeply ingrained in our culture.

ARB's capacity provides the Service to a 'free market trading environment'.

ARB's capacity to clearly contact our Asian guests' Danger Transfer needs to International markets.

ARB's capacity to scour International markets for the best coverage, price and methods for our guests without the internal trading restrictions that are inherent within our major players.

ARB's capacity to engage expert actuarial analysis (DFA) and exposure modelling services from Free Third Party suppliers.

ARB's fundamental belief and faith to investment in the Training and Development of our guests’ key staff.

Into the decade

In Asia Broker age is counted differently, determined by the year we are in rather than counting the time that has passed. Our thinking at ARB is common and we are forward looking. In the coming years, we will go on enhancing our capacity and expertise to meet your provides and deal with the challenges you face. We will go on to push forward, delivering quality methods to set you apart. We look forward to making the journey with you.

Our products

Our teams are creative, entrepreneurial and highly motivated to supply guests with the best possible products and services that are always available in the market today.

Our broker teams provide bespoke services and structures which are geared towards making chances for our guests by looking beyond normal or conventional methods.

We commit to a winning culture of finding foremost and imaginative approaches to a constantly changing market, enabling us to obtain the all vital competitive advantage for our guests by obtaining the right cover at the right price with the most financially secure markets.

We contribute ourselves to each and every guest for the protection of their assets and profitable and the liabilities and competitive development of their business, their employees and their product lines.

Successfully delivered, these fundamental values will drive and grow our guests’ shareholder values.


  • Catastrophe Excess of Loss

  • Danger Excess of Loss

  • Proportional Reinsurance

  • Financial Reinsurance

  • Foremost Loss Warranty covers

  • Reinstatement Premium Protection

  • Aggregate & Stop Loss cover


  • Feature All Dangers, Business Interruption

  • Engineering, Construction, Bonds

  • Marine Hull, Category, Cargo and Ports & Terminals

  • Aviation Hull, Licapacity, Airports

  • Financial Institutions

  • Common Licapacity

  • Casualty

  • Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers Licapacity

  • Accident & Health

  • Municipality

  • Sabotage & Terrorism, Political Danger and Trade Credit

Trade and Financial Lines

  • Licapacity Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Product Licapacity Insurance

  • Trade Credit & Political Danger

  • Bonds

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Jewellers Block

  • Extended Warranty

  • SME Scheme's

  • Travel Insurance Scheme

  • Fine Art & Category

What do you feel about us? Interested?

You have a question on the products and services that we supply? Feel free to contact us should you require any other fact from us.

Join Our Team

As individuals set out to develop their jobs, challenges will come in all shapes and forms. Nevertheless, only the best individuals are able to overcome all such challenges then becoming stronger as a result of their experiences. Join us at Asia Broker now! We always welcome all of you!

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