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[ 13-09-2016 ]
Asia broker: A Quick Guide for Preparing your Business for Sale


Welcome all the clients to the official Asian Business Brokers website.  If you are finding to buy or sell a business, business investment or commercial land in Asia, you are in the true location.

Please choose one of two choices in the main menu selections BUY or SELL (or the appropriate 'country button' below) or go on to browse our site for other relevant information.

First of all, sales don’t always happen quickly. In Asia broker, we allow enough time to sell the goods.  Typically, a sale will take for ‘months’, not for ‘weeks’.

The second thing is that do not pressure customers. Buying a business is a big decision for most of the people.  Customers will generally be suspicious if you pressure them to buy.  They need you to be honest with them and give them all the information and time to properly consider their selections.

Next, all advertisements are at the unchanged price. You should not enlist the help of others to sell and after that you can advertise the business yourself for a lower price.

You need to make the asking price realistic. The value of a business is calculated differently by different kinds of people.  For businesses sold in leasehold premises, as a rule of thumb, customers will generally be attracted to a return on investment (ROI) of around 2 years or less.

Then, please negotiate wisely. Offers will be made through your broker.  Let the customer make the first offer and don’t be too quick to reduce the price too much.  If you have set the asking price about true, the customer will know this.

The other thing you need to remember is that you should have your financials in order. Electronic copies of the profit and loss statements for the last completed two years and your currently monthly summaries of income and expenses.

Another thing is you need to decide what assets stay and go. Produce a list of what is included in the sale.  If possible, remove the assets not included in the sale from the premises.

You know, ensure your licenses are current. Generally, they don’t cost a lot, but if a customer knows that your licenses have expired or don’t cover the business adequately, they will use this to leverage the price down a lot.

Please check the first impressions count! Clean and Tidy your work areas and fix minor defects.  Nobody likes a dirty and/or untidy shop.

You will have a chance to enjoy a picture pains a thousand words. At Asia broke, we obtain some kinds of professional photos for advertising purposes.

Staff Competence

Ensure staff is correctly trained and that they are competent without your direct and frequent input.  Customers will be cautious about buying a business that is reliant upon the current owner.

Final Check

When you think you are ready to sell, find at your business as if you are the potential customer of it.  Consider addressing the problems you see.

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We Sponsor a Pool Team!

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You, our clients, are always welcome at Asian Business Brokers.

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