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[ 09-09-2016 ]
Betting strategy live on Tennis: break-points and breaks

This is a very effective and easy-to-understand strategy. For its implementation we will need to make a list of athletes taking good supply of the enemy, or those who, being an outsider at the beginning of the game, able to make a break. These tennis performances may vary depending on the court surface. Therefore, each of them need to keep a separate rating.

Rates on tennis strategy

By the way, in the first positions of such lists cannot be leaders of the WTA and ATP leagues. Just as practice shows in strong in the supply of athletes rather weak reception. And very often it is strong in the supply are in higher positions. As a rule, interest rates on tennis strategy are based on the segmentation and classification, so we get into the discussion of receiving feed.

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Two important points

To compile a list of "good reception in the" athletes will help us to two types of rankings from the statistics - the number of breaks / break points and receiving innings. We also need to win the starting coefficients tennis. But there are two important points.

First, break the list for replacement of the list of break points. Second, do not necessarily evaluate the combination of reception abilities against supply power. Suffice it to focus only on reception. Within the past game only 4 points and supply can lead to a crash. It is more important to capture the advantage of a few points on the pitch opponent.

If we look at replacement capacity to make a break for the ability to make a break-point, it is quite acceptable. In any case, when an athlete makes regular break-points, it is likely that sooner or later he will make a break. And only the inability to own their own supply prevents such a tennis player to become a real star.

Clear examples

And now we give a clear example of the strategy. To start with a ranking of the most active athletes (attending many competitions), you have to stay focused on the average number of break points per game in the last couple of years.

In compiling immediately eliminate the young tennis players, as their technical arsenal is in the making. Also, do not take into account matches with the obvious favorites (kef less than 1.25) and athletes do not consider less than 100 places in the ranking. Then we select the starting coefficients chosen bookmaker and multiply them by the number of break points for each game in the history.

Now, the average number of points the final rating can determine the degree of profitability of the athlete for this strategy.

After compiling the list we clearly evaluate the effectiveness of a tennis player. In the first set of the match underdog wait until the break (from the rankings) and see how to live there is an increased KEF favorite to win. We can only make a bid. Leaders recoup quite often, so in the long run you will make a profit.


So, now you know rates strategy at tennis. It only remains to put them into practice and earn a lot of money. Good luck!

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