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[ 07-09-2016 ]
Unbeaten Sports betting RATES AND STRATEGIES

Win-win bets

If it happens in a game against the bookmakers, surely you have repeatedly stumbled on a proposal to buy "a win-win strategy of the game," or something like that. Is there really a strategy, allowing us to make a win-win betting on sports? Let's face it.

The work of bookmaker

To begin let me remind you how the bookmaker works. The meaning of his work is to expose factors so that, no matter how you combined the amount stamped on all outcomes of a single event, the bookmaker always remained in profit. That is a win-win for themselves. But you can find a win-win bet (that is, the combination of both), analyzing the line several bookmakers. And finding a situation where one bookmaker overestimated factor in the outcome of the one and the other - on the contrary, you get a "plug" - it would seem, truly a win-win strategy against bookmakers.

Unfortunately, such situations are rare, short-lived, and you are constantly at risk: as long as you put one outcome in the first office, the coefficient of the second bookmaker could change so that "fork" will be gone - "win rate" disappears, and even on the contrary, turn to you in losing. You either need to minimize their losses, it is still betting on the opposite outcome, according to new factors that no longer bring you profits, but only allow to get away with minimal losses.

Success or failure

Either way leaves this one bet, hoping that she will win, and if successful, receive a much higher profit than in the capture of "fork". But in case of failure, you will suffer much more substantial losses than if you overlapped with the minimum "discount" miss a win-win combination of factors, forming the "fork". And "win-win situation" could become a very losing.

And this is not to mention the fact that the bookmaker may cancel your win at such rate, arguing that "a technical error" in the line. At the same time another loser outcome will always be issued as necessary. So much for the "win rate"! You have not yet eliminated the hunt to catch the "fork"? Personally, I have - for a long time.

Cancel the winning

There is, of course, an option that no one will cancel your winning bid on any pretext. This is if you make it to the betting exchange, for example, on Malaysia online casino. The trouble is that such exchanges can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and the "fork" between them is almost never occur.

But they may occur within the same exchange, over time. That's just to successfully capitalize on this, you need to guess which of the outcomes over time factor will grow. Or fall, all the same thing - just to guess the direction. If you guess right, and this trend will be stable and long, ie, rate will only fall and fall (as you predicted) before the start of the match - that this is not just a win-win situation, but a real bonanza!

Sports betting strategy

What if you "buy" rate based on the fact that her rate will fall, and he suddenly went into growth? "A win-win strategy" for your bet again turned into a lose-lose, and you again have to choose: to get away with minimal losses, "selling" claim to be a win-win bet on that factor, which is, until he grew even more and bring you even greater losses . Or take a chance and hope to win this bet already as a regular player, not a trader. The same as in the loss of "fork" - we have already discussed above. The strategy is the same behavior and not a win-win.

So it turns out, is absolutely a win-win betting or strategies do not exist? It turns out so. In fact, a win-win strategy for sports betting exists, and it is the only one. This is Value Betting. This strategy only mathematically guaranteed profit statistically significant distance (from 500 or more rates). And it must be understood that any single bet can lose.

However, there is an obstacle: you need to be able to properly evaluate the probabilities of events, only Value Betting is really a win-win strategy for the end of a certain period of time for you. And here is how to learn to do this? This is the most difficult thing in this betting strategy. No universal method. Everyone should try to comprehend the science of its own, but what happens if he had along the way is really a win-win weapon against the bookmakers, - show only the distance and time.

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