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[ 29-08-2016 ]
Why bookmakers cut highs?

Many players immediately declare that it is thrown from the office - in fact there are not honest on hand places to which this statement can be used. But most of all - it's small bookmakers (mention of them you will not see on the pages of this site) that can actually track the active winning players, because they are not so much. Can you imagine this at the bookmaker with hundreds of thousands of customers, as there is "one by one" to seek out those players, for example, I cannot imagine.

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Sports gambling players pay large sums

Sports gambling players pay large sums. But more often it is much easier to be explained: this restriction is introduced in order that the player would not lose all his money in a few bets, that is, for his own good. It is not my contention is the position of many bookmakers, voiced in an interview and answering service support. This is true - many players give in to passion and put large sums. Why is that many people believe that if a person puts a large amount in rates - it always successful, positive, but this is not always the case. Often, such a player driven by blind passion, and he can lose his entire deposit of one or two rates!

Logical thinking

Indeed, if we think logically:

- A player makes a bet with large sums on one of the outcomes. It does not matter for him, win or lose this bet, because he remains with guaranteed profit

- The bookmaker is also not important, because even on the basis of the theory of probability, it remains in positive territory, regardless of the fact whether the single will benefit the player or not.

Bookmakers’ official position

The official position of bookmakers may differ:

- Someone immediately block the account with the disbursement of funds (no normal scr888 sportsbook in this case means not assign a player, so do fraudsters only without a license)

- Someone such as scr888 Pinnacle Sports, relates to such customers indifferently and do not take any action, and in such BK practically no large forks

Cutting account

Cutting account is in the expression. A rare phenomenon, but also has a place. The reason for this is hard to find, but I for example never heard that it happens after the "Directions" major express. Usually, if in this case the scr888 online sportsbook freezes "the expense, it's crooks.

Cutting accounts after suspicions of re-registration. If the bookmaker suspect that with the same IP or computer account was reported earlier convicted of abuse, it can cut through or block it. Even if the player is not registered earlier in the BC, it may just be, so to speak, a victim of its provider. Often small Internet providers in order to save a little buy IP addresses or subnets for your network, and many clients because of this may go to the Internet under the same IP. And then, the player-fraudster could use your ISP for registration. If you really have got into this situation, you can try to write in support of BC, often after verifying the identity of all falls into place.

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