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[ 29-08-2016 ]
How to bet on sports bookmakers

The first step - it is difficult and scary. Even children know it. Paul Club will support you and give some practical tips to help beginners make the first step, and continue to maintain an independent game, making profitable bets. These tips we give on the basis of long-term analysis of the set of results of sports events and the factors influencing them. After some time, gaining experience, you will be sure of the correctness of the suggested tips.

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Believe yourself

So: - Believe yourself, your intuition, relying on their knowledge, accumulated information, and statistics. Be optimistic, calm, realistic, critical approach to the selection of coefficients established bookmakers. After elaborating on the basis of the above stated its strategy in the game, you really can make your sports betting victory. With a rate of "Express" are advised not to include many events. Here the smaller events, the real win. It happens that you are absolutely sure of the result, the outcome of a sports match, in which case the bet immediately, since before the start of the bookmakers change factors: reduce to the leader and to increase the outsider. Experience shows that in a hurry, "a fool" win only 10% of the players. If you do not have enough information about the upcoming fight sports and its participants, it is better use the forecasts and recommendations of experts of our club.

Place a bet

To place a bet, you need a line. What is it? Line - is a list of sports matches, which the player can make a bet of your choice. This list can be obtained from bookmakers.

Consider the line more. According to the rules introduced into bookmakers odds for the participants of sports competitions. The coefficient (EFC) - the probability of the final result of the fight sport (football match, boxing fight, skiing, etc.). As an example, consider the fight in the ring between the boxer and boxer 1 2. On 1 bookie gave KEF = 1.5; 2 - EFC = 2.9. In probability theory it turns out that the victory will be 1: 100% / 1.5 = 66% and a victory by 2 to 100% / 2.9 = 34%. If a player is put on 2, in the case of a boxer winning player will receive 2 money 2.9 times higher than the amount bet. Well, if you lose 2 boxing fight, the player will lose his entire bet. Note that bookmakers gave 34% of the winning boxer 2 versus 66% at 1, and you are putting on the 2, if he wins almost tripled his bet.

Do not make a big bet

Another very important thing to remember: do not make big bets on the so-called "100% -the matches." After all, life is life, it happens that the leader plays the underdog. So: take care of your budget, To compare it with the rate. The rate should not exceed 3-7% of the total amount allocated to the game. After losing, do not increase the rate - there is a risk of losing everything. Do not be tempted by high KEF compare different bookmakers, analyze, stick to your strategy. Try to learn the rules for each sport separately. For beginners undesirable "live betting", that is, bets placed during the actual fight, not the day before.

And do not dwell on a loss. Believe in victory, and it will come to you!

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