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[ 26-08-2016 ]
Express sports betting

The most favorable rate in bookmaker is rapid rate. It differs from the single fact that several sporting events included in it, which are not connected with each other. For example, you can make an express bet on football and hockey, tennis and basketball. You can take all kinds of sports, as well as to integrate live events with events match. The main thing that they were not related. That is, the probability of the occurrence of one event does not depend on the probability of different events. Otherwise, if the events are related, then you need to take them impossible to express. Coefficient of such events will be equated to 1, in the event that they are still included in the Express. How to place a bet express and which events are best suited for this, I'll discuss in the next section.

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Express betting on football

Winning express primarily consists of well-chosen events, each of which has played. You can take two things and combine them into one bet. Then the coefficients in them multiplied respectively and you will get a higher payoff. To determine which event is best suited to rapid rates, I will take the example of football. For example, in Italy Cup played two games, in each of which there is a clear favorite. Juventus - Chievo and AC Milan - Reggina. Good expression of the union will be a chance to win Juventus and Milan in one rapid. Statistically bookmaker most played express one in which the overall ratio is in the range from 2.5 to 3.8 and which consists of 3-4 events. Also, often at play express apparent favorites, which include a number of events. But they have a greater risk of losing because of the sensational result.

How to place a bet express

To place a bet express, you need to register on our site and update your account. After that, you can go to the events section of the list, it is available at the top of a page called "Sports" or "Live". The difference between these buttons so that the second you will lead to the events that are at the moment and they have reception rates. All you need is to find those events that you like and that you think should be winning. Click on the coefficients of the selected outcomes, and the event is added to the shopping cart rates. You will only need to specify the amount and complete your bet. All of them are the most simple, but there are a few tips for beginners who have not previously made bets. These tips may be new, and for those who constantly puts rates in order to shape them. I analyzed cross-section rates in the last six months of the current database bookmaker. Based on these statistics, we can talk about some of the features.

Tips which events to take in the express

On this page there is a block at the top of the recommended forecast for today - feel free to include this event in your Express. The forecast of a specialist in the area of interest rates and the likelihood that he will play is very high!

Firstly, when you choose to express events, try to take those who have a range of ratio from 1.4 to 1.7. According to statistics, the permeability coefficient in this range is almost the same as that of the coefficient of 1.3 - 1.35. You simply increase their profits at the expense of the bigger factor Express.

Secondly, if you practice first Council, you have the total coefficient is high enough from 3-4 events. You do not need to recruit more and more, which can lead to the loss. The most profitable express usually consists precisely of such a large number of events.

Third, do not take all of the events in a row. If you are good in football, try to take only those events that you at least know something and the probability of an outcome which seems to you to understand. This type of bet is good high-gain, but express depends on whether it will play all the events or not. Therefore, take only those that believe.

Fourth, better put a few parlays for $ 1 than the one on the entire amount. Thus, if the play at least one of them, you'll be in the black. At the same time, if you have invested in an expensive courier and he lost, then your chances will be to recoup associated only with subsequent stakes, and not with those who remain in the game.

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