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[ 22-08-2016 ]
The movement of the sportsbook line of betting on football

Line Movement - a change in the coefficients on football match bookmakers. Betting line can move in any direction, at the same time for a certain period of time it can go first left, then right, and then left again. BETTER try to study the motion of the line bookmaker and take it into account in the implementation rates.

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Consider an example. Any match AS Roma - Torino. The odds on match: P1 - 1.60, X - 3.50, P2 - 4.50. An hour later, the coefficients may be as follows: P1 - 1.55, X - 3.55, P2 - 4.70. As you can see, on Roma win rate fell, and a draw and a victory Torino rose. This means that the line moves to the left, ie towards the favorite fight - Roma.

Sportsbook line movement explanation

In general, the notion of movement of the sportsbook line is understood. In simple words, the line motion - changing coefficients to match when one outcome coefficient increases and decreases in the second, or vice versa. Now let us consider the reasons for line movements - the factors influencing the change factors.

As is known, analysts scrutinize upcoming football meeting and exhibit coefficients for each outcome. This is called the initial line. But it can differ significantly from the current line of movement (change factors). Moving line are the players themselves or bookmakers.

Sportsbook line movement cause

The movement of the line provoked stakes players. In most cases, the cause of the movement line players is betting. BETTER make their bets on a match, and the bookmakers adjust the ratio to distribute the funds between outcomes. They do this with one goal - to make a profit with any result of the match. Usually, bookmakers still, and the score of the match will end, because thanks to the timely change they will be able to earn an income stock.

Well to understand this factor will help the example of the game when playing a clear favorite and an obvious outsider. For example, Real Madrid - Levante. After examining the teams' chances, they put the coefficient of winning Real Madrid 1.15. Start bookmaker to take bets on this fight. Absolutely all players bet on Real Madrid. At this point, the scr888 employees understand that if Real Madrid do not win, they get a huge profit, but if Real Madrid win - will suffer significant losses. Naturally, they try to minimize the risks, because Real Madrid is likely to win.

Bookmakers' reaction to the change in the balance of power

The movement of the line acts as the bookmakers' reaction to the change in the balance of power. There are many time that no matter the players bets change factors. The reason - have received new information about the game, which affects the likelihood of a particular outcome. Bookmakers know that the players will soon find out about this information and start to put on overvalued ratio. Therefore, change them. For example, the match Juventus - Milan. The coefficient of winning Juventus was 1.60, but 1.75 has become for the reason that it became aware of the injury main goalkeeper Buffon. Naturally this will reduce the chances of Juve to win and will lead to an increase in the coefficient on their victory and, at the same time, reduce the rate on the draw and the victory of Milan.

A way to manipulate the players

The movement of the line is a way to manipulate the players. In various sports betting games, bookmakers can specifically change the ratio to knock players confusing. Knowing that many players are guided by the movement of the line, they are specifically understating the rate on one team and improve on the second. Of course, the players will react to this and make a bet on the team to which the rate fell. And while bookmakers little doubt that the outcome will not work. This is especially true in cases where the bookmaker has information about the contractual match. But this does not happen very often.

Pay attention to the movement of the line should be every player who wants to become successful BETTER. But taken literally it is not necessary than ever. Focus on the analysis and the forecast rather than a change in rates. Movement lines - a signal for the player, first of all, he must be considered. If you notice a strong movement, the first look for information about the game on the network. This can be a player or a player injury, motivation, change, problems in the team and other events affecting the probability of outcomes, and thus in the result of the fight. The movement of the line - the signal for a player who is important to consider the implementation of bets on a football match.

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