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[ 21-08-2016 ]
Betting for the best live betting

Live betting - is a special form of betting in bookmakers, which tells in detail about the site about betting on sports. If we look at football, in this case, betting on a football match does not make for a few hours before the match, but right at him. In this case, the quotes vary during the match, and any experienced BETTER can manage to do quite a profitable bet. All you need is to follow what is happening during the game and draw your own conclusions on a par with encoder. Many experienced BETTER players are very fond of this kind of bets and good earning on it. For beginners, these rates can be very dangerous, is given very little time for them. It takes a lot of experience in the sports gambling to be able to make the right decision for the limited time available.

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In the betting site

Usually the betting site offers a few tips for live betting. During the live betting you are competing only with encoder that puts odds on this match. You are almost in equal conditions. Do not have time to ask for advice or to find information in the internet, or view statistics. The rate should be made only on the basis of personal experience. It can only make sure BETTER experienced, novice will rush from side to side, wondering what would be the best solution.

The most competitive sport

It is also worth noting that the most competitive sport in this case is football. In our country it is soccer broadcast can easily find and view them on TV, this time betting on football live. If you understand it in football, there is a chance to try to earn and live betting. For example, if before the game on the favorite was a small factor, if after half an hour at 0-0, you can manage to do a better bet on the favorite, she is sure to rise. If you also missed the team-favorite goal in the beginning, the coefficient will do just fine.

Make a profitable bet

In Live Betting the main thing - it is able to maintain a cool head and do not bet rashly. Be sure to browse through the match on TV, that there was an additional source of information, and you could just make a profitable bet in your opinion. Guided only by the movement of coefficients does not always make sense in the line. Be sure to select the kind of sport that you understand thoroughly, and can make their analytical conclusions in the course of the game. In principle there is no ideal sport betting, but in this case a football is acceptable. Also remember that all of the information before the game to see better, to bring together, to find out the chances of teams and then we begin to live bets. Preparations for the rate should be the same as in conventional sportsbook casino.

Psychology of the game

In transactions in bookmaker needs psychological calculation. Not only determine for themselves the goals and objectives, choose the means of achieving them. The most important thing - it is immediately possible to determine the degree of risk and significance of the transactions. Otherwise, failure is inevitable. Success in bookmaking precedes the understanding of some inevitable moments connected with this case.


The risk of losing money is always there, even at the most advantageous rate. To reduce it to the minimum value, it should act in a profitable strategy, proven on paper. There should be a certain number of bets that can be played.

The most important thing (in case of loss) - does not cease to control themselves. If you frustrate and will frantically to put money on any game, it will inevitably lead you to ruin and disappointment - at best. At worst, you could easily happen hysteria or nervous breakdown. In case of loss should continue to play safely on, did not dwell on failure.


The reason for concern may serve your long stay in the red. Noticed for such a trend, you definitely need to think about: Do those matches I put? On whether the players? Thoroughly I know the chosen sport? How well do I know the rules of this bookmaker? If all of these questions have a negative response - is cause for concern, as well as an incentive to stay calm and analyze their activities. It is perfectly acceptable to remain in the red for a short time - but if such a situation is observed in a few weeks, it's time to modify it. You can not give up because of the loss, if you seriously intend to earn money through betting.

To make bookmaking their permanent source of income, you need to be a true professional. No gods pots, so this can be a master and you. But until then, do not expect to play as a source of financial well-being. In the first place should be your main occupation - Study or work - and only then - bookmaking, in the free personal time. Therefore it is necessary to determine the amount that you will not mind losing the game for a month. It was under such scrupulous calculation you will not be disappointed with the unexpected loss, and will not be so offensive.

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