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[ 14-08-2016 ]
BC Sportsbook - review Sportsbook bookmaker office

BC Sportsbook is average, and can do little to interest the majority of fans of sports betting. Performance line and coefficients of a medium-sized, and security is not satisfied everyone BETTER. 2.0

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Bookmaker of holding Domain

Sportsbook is an American bookmaker, which was founded in the US in 1996. Bookmaker even had a few dozen real points Admission rates, but after changes in legislation in the United States, the office was completely gone offline, and has received international license, prohibiting US residents to register on the site.

Currently Sportsbook bookmaker operates under the license, which she received in the Antilles. The licenses that have been obtained in this region are not the best, but the firm leaves a pleasant impression.

Ambition and popularity

Lovers of sports betting from Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, this bookmaker is not particularly familiar with, because, in spite of the international license, the bookmaker is only in English, it is, of course, is normal and is not critical, but still it was possible to better to work through this issue.

It should be noted, that Sportsbook bookmaker is a segment of the holding - Domain Holdings Limited, which owns several other bookmakers. Interests offices, and holding, distributed not only on the sports betting market, office, just interested in casino, poker and horse racing.


His website Sportsbook bookmaker performed on the latest requirements for the bookmakers. All of the resource reflects the representativeness and professionalism Sportsbook bookmaker office. For the resource bookmaker chosen basic color white, which is combined with blue.

In the upper part of the site is a button to go to the following sections of the site - Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Racebook, Promos, My Account, Deposit. On the left are buttons to navigate to the desired part of the line. In the center are located banners, with the most relevant offers from bookmakers, and the most popular bet at the moment.

Design and navigation sportsbook

On the right side, as are advertising banners, with bonuses and promotions. At the bottom of the site you will find all the latest information about the bookmaker. We have already mentioned that the resource is available only in English, but, despite this, to understand the site navigation can intuitively.

Also, the site has a good mobile version that loads quickly, and almost never freezes. Functionality on the resource on a different level, the website stated that the bookmaker is working on licensed software, it ensures trouble-free operation resource. Live mode online is as good, everything changes rapidly, does not hang, and the stakes are checked quickly, allowing you to quickly enter the best rate for your opinion.


As already mentioned, painted bookmaker is made with a focus on sports that are most relevant in the United States and Canada (baseball, basketball, American football, cricket, NASCAR). In general, at different times of the year in the Painting Sportsbook bookmaker represented approximately 20 - 30 widows sport.

Continuing in the line are the following sports - Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Auto racing, Baseball, Football, Horse Racing, Politics, TV shows, and some others. How do you understand the bookie takes long-term rates, and the rates on non-sporting events. The depth of the painting is on a good level. For practically every sport, you can find about 40-50 different tournaments.

Width and Depth

Basketball, baseball, American football, and ice hockey in the line are even university leagues and leagues of other countries. Also, it must be said that a large number of bets, the painting will be additional positions will be concluded for each sporting event Sportsbook bookmaker gives only basic positions for betting, but if a popularity contest, and potentially to it.

For example, in the Super Bowl, and the Champions League final, the office gave the painting to the 150 position. In Live mode bookmaker line slightly deepens, but it lists only the most popular sporting events.

Coefficient sportsbook

Quotes Sportsbook bookmaker is a bit staggering. It would seem, is an American bookmaker and the factors it must be set out above the average. In any case, the majority of American bookmakers, the coefficients are always above average.

The margin in the bookmaker is not constant. It is within 8 - 12 per cent, which is quite significant. For the equivalent of sporting events bookmaker gives rates that do not exceed the mark of 1.92, and it is rare.

The Live Odds mode though and changed dynamically, but they are at the middle level, and below it. Do not armed eye can see that the line at the office is not a native, and purchase, and more, and trimmed so as to insure themselves against a variety of plugs, and simply negate the losses

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