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[ 11-08-2016 ]
8 secrets of sports betting bookmakers

There is a narrow-minded view that pastime at the bookmaker is an elementary fun with the loss of labor money. Judgment controversial is considered as professional betting activity and exhausting work that requires the presence of the last huge baggage of all kinds of knowledge and experience. But not all so sad - relying on a set of certain rules of privateering, successfully resist bookmaker possible. These rules are derived on the basis of experience (often joyless) more than one generation of forecasters, and therefore do not trust them inexcusable. They are written to help beginners BETTER, in order to keep newcomers from elementary betting mistakes.

Secrets betting bookmakers

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So, read the basic secrets of sports betting in bookmakers

Secret 1: Do not be afraid of failures

Let us remember the concept of "cowardly money" - finance that BETTER very afraid of losing and wishes (often due to needs) completely multiply. In this case, the deposit loss is almost guaranteed.

Secret 2: do not seek to immediately win.

Once in the lane unsuccessful bids, the player there is a natural desire to quickly return everything. Bids are beginning to be made lightly, using large amounts and search for "off-scale" factors. The principle of "all or nothing" is not applicable here and leads only to a complete collapse.

Secret 3: do not fall into euphoria winner.

This paragraph recalls the second secret, but the algorithm is the reverse. After winning three consecutive four-bet BETTER, let start believing in his star, and being inspired by the state "gives" bookmaker entire size of the bank.

Secret 4: do not succumb to the influence of factors

Psychologically unstable forecasters often change already thought out a bet to see the new coefficients to the selected event. Established bookmaker analysts often take advantage of this, and specifically manipulate the values of their line.

Secret 5: Avoid betting on your favorite team

Player psychology is such that the chance of your favorite club is almost always evaluated unfairly. It is quite understandable desire to implement BETTER bet on the team, which sympathize with, but professional betting - is the desire to make a profit, rather than fun.

Secret 6: Get rid of greed

Community of players are always striving for more, but the pursuit of high rates and making huge bets, parlays are able to make only "minus".

Secret 7: Do not get hung up on the third-party recommendations.

Other people's advice is good, but to have a personal opinion should always be. According to statistics, the vast majority of forecasters are still losers, and they listen to everybody special meaning while not listening to the recommendations which are sometimes useful.

Secret 8: use of psychological reboot

Constantly engaged in betting just cannot afford even the professionals. Periodic disconnection from better activity is only for the benefit of, or brain is overloaded and starts to give wrong decisions. Temporary absence bettors are necessary.


Use the above better secrets can not only newcomers but also whose own play activity largely not satisfied (prolonged "black bars", the permanent loss of your bankroll). Over time, gaining experience and acquiring the necessary knowledge of betting, each forecaster acquires its own trade secrets of successful betting and whether to share them with colleagues - an individual matter. Good luck!

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