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[ 10-08-2016 ]
Sports betting tips from successful players

In this article we will look at the rules by which you can turn from a beginner player in the plus.

Assess the forecast

In sports betting tips and strategies, professional players do not trust intuition and signs - at least they are trying to assess the forecast. If the player relies on his senses, he sees no difference between the values of such factors as 1.4 and 1.8, as well as already mentioned above, the coefficients in the profit play a significant role. A professional player will assess the likelihood of winning the athlete or the team as a percentage.

There are several methods of estimating the probability. For example, look at the last line of bookmakers match and draw some conclusions based on the latest news in the future. Others are assessing the probability of at random - for example, calculating the approximate number of times out of 10 wins this or that athlete. This method requires skill.

Basing on statistics

There is another sports betting tip, basing on the statistics: see the last 10 games athlete and calculate how many matches have been won. For example, if 6, the probability is about 60% (6/10 * 100%). However, this method is better not to use, because each match - is unique. Of course, some parallels with the recent match can hold, but rely on is not worth it.

Whichever method is chosen, the main thing - is to practice.

Profitable positions

After you select the match, you need to make a profitable bet. We must remember that this professional sports betting tip requires players not to be expressed in the desire to win today, but the desire to make a profit in the long run. A lot of players put on an event that has the highest probability, however, this rate will not bring additional revenue.

To determine the best rate necessary to estimate the probability of each event and compare the expectation that is calculated as the product of probability and rate. Where it is greater, there is a higher profit.

Tax rates

Accounting rates - an extremely useful and effective exercise. It allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the players and learn the necessary conclusions: for example, that it is possible (but difficult) to play ultra-low rates that net win more profitable than plus-shape, and that football - the drain. Accounting rates are usually in Excel, and you can download a special program for the players.

With the desire to quit or to keep statistics must be combated. Of course, it is difficult to 2 weeks after seeing a lot of matches and enthusiasm to keep statistics, but without even a very talented forecaster can not expect the positive range. We must remember that sports betting tip - a very useful thing in the game bets.

Risk control

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that winning is easy. After getting acquainted with the statistics, the news is given the choice of games is simple. Bookmakers are like a casino - in most cases they are not closed, because people do not take their risks under control and do not want to realize that you can win multiple times, and lose no more than one - the money out to get even, will not. As a result, self-respecting player should be calculated risks, or at least give them an assessment, ie put on a bet more than you can, you cannot.

It is necessary to remember the approximate amount of bets. Playing high kefy, you can get into a drawdown (a long losing streak), as a consequence, the amount of rates should not exceed 3% for such factors as 2 or 3, and 2% for the coefficients 4-5, and for the coefficients, the value of which exceeds 5, the amount of rates should not be more than 1% of the pot.

In addition, the rates should be uniform. It is unwise to put 1 bet today, and tomorrow everything. It is necessary to choose the best bets that can be analyzed, and not try to grasp the immensity and choose the best.

Determination of the goal

Before bidding, remember the sports betting tip of deciding to entertain you doing this for money or earnings. In the first case, you cannot go into all that just read. You will receive your well-deserved excitement, and at a loss will not tear your hair out. In the second - constantly analyze matches, burn rate and stick to the chosen game and financial strategy, and will soon have a permanent source of additional income will be. Be aware of the amount of money allocated to you in the game and that you do not mind losing. If the bank is reduced, lower rates, and vice versa.


Never forget the fact that almost every player is in the red: some by choice, others - out of ignorance, not knowing how to take control of the raging emotions. And only a large part of the game turns into a source of income - those who do not pursue immediate gain, and pay more attention to the analysis and self-development.

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