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[ 09-08-2016 ]
Important tips and notice when playing sport betting

5 tips for beginners to make sports betting over the Internet

Watch sporting events are always interesting. Who will win? What will be the score? But if you bet online, sensations become more acute. you do not just watch the match, but actually live it. Most amateurs make sports betting without any strategy, for the sake of thrill. I encourage you to bet to win. Thrills secondary win - the main thing.

In this section, see the 5 most important tips on how to bet properly. It is not a win-win system, and the basic recommendations. If you are going to use these rules and common sense, then the chances of winning increase significantly.

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  1. Know your sport

Bet on sport, in which you know well. It is vital to know the rules of the game, refereeing rules. Gather in more information on the outcome of games.

  1. Know your league

In most sports there are several leagues. Choose one. If you love football, take the English Premier League or the Russian big leagues. Select league, track all of its walkable games and events. Live in this league.

  1. Know your bookmaker

Learn about the kinds of maximum rates. Carefully read the rules of betting. Read articles about smart bets on the sport to become win-win. Read the strategy and betting theory. Choose the online bookmaker, check the following: he gives good rates, reliable and properly fulfills its obligations.

  1. Know your budget

Be clear about how many are willing to put down for the season. Determine the size of a single rate (about 1% of the budget). The budget for the betting must not exceed 5% of the family income. Remember, you are starting. Putting excessive hoping to win the same makes life awfully extreme. Never put on other people's money. Taking a loan, the latter will have to give.

  1. Do the best sports betting

No chance to consistently win, 100% win-win betting exist in dreams, and 30% luck be allowed to stay in the profits (it depends on factors played). Place your bets on events in which certain. To get started, choose the event with the clear favorite. A lot of them do not earn, but you get a small profit, although at a distance of the blinds on all the favorites in a row will give less to win - it is necessary to think!

Optimal number of offices for betting sports betting

There are two extremes (error), avoiding that, the game of bookmakers will give a plus. The first is to use one account to play one of BC, the second is to use an excessively large number of offices. Both options may affect the result.

Playing in the same bookmaker, targeting a single line, you save time, but lose the chance to get a higher rate. In truth, the difference in the coefficients of bookmakers is rarely enough essential.

When used for betting too many offices, it should be understood: the online check lines, the greater will be note that entails a decrease in the level of forecasts and so on.

Ideal for competent capital allocation is to examine reviews and create your list of 3-4 offices, which will be used. Analysis of 3-4 lines a day will not take a lot of time and give an objective picture of the coefficients.

Getting rid of the unnecessary risks in betting on sports betting

Take it for granted: the game against a bookmaker, even for a good betting strategy on sport - training with additional risks, originally laid down in the margin rates and the structure of the line. The main condition for the success of the game on long distances - avoid the consequences of a series of pockets, without a significant drawdown of the bank. Put simply, learn how to bet on sports and have a stable income, you need to create the conditions for a minimum number of lost bets.

No one knows in advance, or will play a losing bet, even after a thorough analysis under certain circumstances gives failure during a match under the influence of force majeure and other negative factors. No gods pots, win really. There are several categories of rates, carriers, by definition, additional risks:

  • bets "on the match preview," by intuition that the "most likely go down"
  • express more than 4 events
  • all kinds of systems
  • any type of live betting

A player receives a plus on long distances in a single case - eliminating these rates are not using them in an online game. It is understandable. These categories will not be present in your strategies formation of rates for the main bank, as too risky and, by definition, contribute to the appearance of losing the series to the drawdown of the bank's profit and loss.

To profit at bookmakers on long distance - get rid of the risk. At the same time, if you know how to bet on the sport correctly, but cannot resist the "pleasure" to use the above-mentioned category, especially with the separate account, keep a separate "intuition and watching" bank, where you will not stick to the rules and select "win-win betting on sports" somehow. Believe me, the existence of a support account to minimize the length of the pockets, streaks, will filter your game and increase its productivity.


Each player, professional betting newcomer, has the potential to make a smart bet and win money by playing online bookmaker. The main thing - to understand, success is in your hands, and a reasonable sports passion and knowledge should help. Shorten the path to pie in the sky, make a plan and set the right strategies, taking into account our important tips:

  • Determine how many are going to invest in the rates and what sports to forecasts will be used more often.
  • Make a rough list of sports outcomes that will be playing, for example, totals more-less, dual outcomes (1X, 12, X2), the odds, and so on ...
  • Eliminate from the main bank possible variations of live betting, any system and express long (more than 4 in each event). Move it to a separate subsidiary bank.

Following the above plan, the process of online games in the bookmakers will be a simple and intuitive for you, and the profit on the long distance will become a mandatory element of the process. Finally, I add. Choose the best sports betting, using common sense and their knowledge, then the income will arrive. Good luck!

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