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[ 01-08-2016 ]
The overview of gambling in Asia

Some introduction about gambling in Asia

Gambling in Asia is at this time the largest gambling market; however, that is not really an unpredicted fact, because the populations of Asia make up over 60% of the world’s population. Some trends in the world market for online gambling are also shown on the Asian market like the online evolution as well as the increasing tendency in using mobile phones such as phone and tablet. And all these changes imply as well as involve technological measures to keep up with the increasing demand. However, the main changes that happens on the gambling scene show up in the regulatory spheres as well, where every state has to keep up with a present phenomenon as well as needs to make the rules as well as regulations accordingly. As the online gambling in asia market is going through a consistent growth together with the emergence of the new technologies as well as the increased accessibility of the Internet connection, it is time to have a closer look at the quickest growing iGaming market – Asia.

Gambling in Asia

Gambling in Asia

Some markets of gambling in Asia

Gambling in Asia - China

There are many types of gambling in asia - China such as sport, lottery as well as various slot games. Some of them as mahjong, poker, casino games as well as sports betting with non-approved websites are banned and Chinese Sports Lottery contains a monopoly on all sports gambling in mainland China. Nevertheless, operator, promoter, agent as well as junket (not the player) are tracked down by the authorities. Even though it is very famous in China, online gambling is mostly illegal and those who gamble like the internationally licensed websites for the huge variety of sports games, in-play betting choices as well as live casino games. For real casino games, most of the big players in China like to travel for one or two to Macau, where has the most gambling activities as well as land-based and online are permitted.

Gambling in Asia - Hong Kong

Hong Kong allows certain types of gambling in Asia as long as they are monitored by the government-sponsored Hong Kong Jockey Club like horse race, football match as well as lottery. Mahjong is the other gambling activity that is permitted to operate in Hong Kong as well as poker happens to be in a gray area, still running in an underground action. Any other gambling activity is illegal as well as harsh penalties are used. Because of this reason, most of the Hong Kong punters like to travel regularly to Macau.

Gambling in Asia - Taiwan

Gambling in Taiwan is controlled by strict laws, you can bet on the Taiwan Sports Lottery which is the only source for legally sports betting in the country. Because odds are not good, gamblers like the online gambling websites that provide Mahjong, baccarat, slot, Chinese chess, sport, casino as well as in-play gaming, and much greater odds. As for the neighboring countries, Taiwanese people like the international website as well as regional ones, this assists the local language. Though not simple to place money online, you can seek for a way that works for betting websites deposits such as EntroPay or Skrill. In case you want to play safety gambling in Asia, you can place the bets with Taiwan Sports Lottery. Nevertheless, for better odds as well as a diversified offer, you can select the 2 gambling sites mentioned earlier. Even though not legal in Taiwan, those sites that are not under Taiwan power are not blocked.

Gambling in Asia - Macau

Macau is a known as the Special Administrative Region with a different government as well as laws. It is an officially part of China; however, it still has its own capitalist economy as well as political system. In Macau, real casino, sports betting as well as poker are allowed. It doesn’t address, license, or acknowledge online gambling. As for the online casino operators, Macau does not license online gaming operations.

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