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[ 08-06-2016 ]
Online MMA Betting

Mixed Martial Arts used to be unknown to mainstream audiences back in the early nineties and eighties, however, the success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship allowed this interesting combat sport to get a widespread following over the past few years.

As a consequence, most high-profile online sports betting sites started offering Mixed Martial Arts wagering opportunities in the late noughties and have since then expanded their event coverage by including other federations and even some regional events. Today, betting on Mixed Martial Arts is as simple as betting on basketball or any other popular discipline.

However, similar to the case of boxing, Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts do not have all that many types of bets to pick from – in fact, the markets available with most sportsbooks are limited to wagering on the result of specific bouts.

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Money Line Betting

Mixed Martial Arts money lines are usually known as match bets, as they request you to guess the fighter which will be the outright winner in a given match. In almost cases, the method of winning does not matter – so if your prediction was correct, you can collect on your bet whether the fight ended by submission, knockout or go the full distance. As is the case with virtually every other sport, Mixed Martial Arts are the most common type of bet because even the most casual viewers tend to pick a side when waiting for a bout, especially when it is one of the high profile UFC major events. Mixed Martial Arts money lines set $100 as a basis to calculate the potential payout and are marked with an integer. A positive line indicates the underdog, while the negative line indicates the favorite. Let’s take the following example:

Cain Velasquez -110

Junior dos Santos +140

In this example, Cain Velasquez is the favorite, meaning that you need to bet $110 for a shot at winning $100. On the other hand, Junior dos Santos has a positive line, meaning that he is the underdog and that betting on him offers higher returns on your investment. As a result, if you put your money on dos Santos in this scenario, you would receive $140 for every $100 you put at risk. It is worth mentioning that when both fighters are evenly matched and there is no clear favorite, the bookmaker may decide to provide two negative lines. In such a case, you will be ask to bet $100 for a chance of winning $100 no matter which fighter that you pick.

Over/Under Betting

Whereas not as common as Mixed Martial Money lines, over/under bets give you another way of wagering on UFC bouts. When you place an over/under wager, your goal is to guess whether the fight will last longer than the total number of rounds posted by the sportsbook. In the case of three-round contests, this total tends to be set at 2.5. As a result, winning and over bet requires the fight to go the full distance, whereas winning an under bet requires one of the fighters to win by submission or knockout. As you would expect, five-round fights do not need to follow this rule, as the site’s handicappers tend to focus more on assessing the capabilities of both contestants before posting the totals.

Parlay Betting

Mixed Martial Arts parlays are multiplier bets which allow you to include two or more match bets on  single tickets. Making a parlay offers a higher return on your investment than making each of the bets separately. Nevertheless, there is a catch here, as each bout has to end the way you specify – if you make a single mistake, you will lose the whole bet and you will not receive a payout. As a consequence, parlays that involve three or more selections are really risky, making them best suited for experienced bettors who have no qualms about undertaking a serious handicapping attempt.

Round Betting

Round bets are provided by a limited number of Mixed Martial Arts-friendly sportsbooks and permit you to take a shot at guessing the round in which one of the fighters will win the match. Obviously, making the right prediction is significantly more difficult than guessing the overall outcome or the total number of rounds, meaning that collecting on a bet of this kind often requires a fair bit of luck and an in depth knowledge of the track record of both fighters involved.

Proposition Betting

Proposition wagers or props are a broad category which covers all the Mixed Martial Arts-related bet types that have not been listed above. Almost sites which offer Mixed Martial Arts props allow you to wager on who will get the Submission of the Night or Knockout of the Night awards or on the method of victory in a specific match.

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