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[ 06-06-2016 ]
Understanding Football Parlays and Teasers

There is another betting choice known as a parlay, allowing you to wager on multiple teams, however, every team you choose must win its respective games for your parlay bet to pay out. A common form of parlay is called a teaser.

You do not need a parlay card to place a parlay bet, nevertheless. Most sports books provide 13 to 5 on two-team parlays. You can give the employee at the counter $5, and seletc two teams, either side or totals. The employee gives you a piece paper in exchange. Try not to lose it! It is the only envidence that you placed your bet. That piece of paper is valued $18 if both your teams win. On the other hand, one or both your teams might lose. If it happens, your piece of paper will at least let you show a tax auditor you suffered a gambling loss this year. However, let’s say one of your teams tie. If that happens, your bet will play as a straight $5 bet on the second team. Your piece of paper is valued at $11.50 if the second team wins. The paper is only $5 if both teams tie.

If you would like to bet a parlay card, your wager depends on the results of 3 games. Always try to check the card for details, since you will not given additional points on any of the teams you are betting on. Sometimes, a parlay card specifies that ties lose the bet, other times that they win. Occasionally, cards do not offer rules on ties. That is because the spreads end in halfs.

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For instance, let’s say you would like to place bets on 3 teams. With a parlay card, you can bet $10 on team A, possibly winning $9. If team A wins, you will want to take the whole payoff and bet at 11 to 10 that team B wins next. That bet win, too, so you take that entire payoff and place another 11 to 10 bet that team C wins the final game.

With your 3 teams winnings their respective games, your initial $10 bet has grown to almost $70 by the 3rd game’s end. If one of your teams loses, the house will get your $10 bet. A parlay-card bet allows you to bet $10, and with a little luck, get $70 once all 3 games are done. This, of course, depends on the sports books which takes your bets.

All 3 teams winning their games have true odds of 7 to 1, meaning that without a house edge, your $10 will pay out $80, but then the house earns no money! The edge for the house comes out to about 12.5% on a 3-team parlay. Parlay is a good choice for somebody picking winners at more than 52.8%. If you are betting for fun, you are likely to pick winners only 50% of the time. In this case, a straight bet is your best choice because you lose a bigger percentage to the casino on parlays.

Another choice is a teaser. This sportsbook casino allows you to pick 3 or more teams, but they must all beat a specific spread to win your bet. Sports books give extra points over the regular spread for teasers. Air Force may be favored by 9 points, but a teaser offers you Air Force -3 or Wyoming +15 instead.

Teaser cards pay off at lower odds due to the more appealing spreads they give bettors. Like parlay cards, teaser cards usually specify rules: that ties win, that ties lose, or that there are no ties since the spread ends in ½. Sports books might even offer some different teaser cards, so try to check the rules printed on them!

Parlays offer a massive potential payout for a small bet, but all your chosen teams must win. Three straight bets means you would still win money if one of your teams loses their games.

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