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[ 01-06-2016 ]
Betting College Basketball Totals

A lot of sportsbooks are providing betting on college basketball totals, which many wagers believe is simpler to beat than trying to guess the point spread winner. College basketball totals work the same way as football or NBA totals and the wager risks $11 to $10.

The fact that not all sportsbooks permit college totals and those that offers relatively small limits is the first hint that sharp sports wagers can get a benefit on the books when speaking of college basketball totals. A basic rule of thumb in sports betting is that the tougher a sport is to beat the more wagers are allowed to bet.

Bettors could be wise to follow the steps of Edward Golden, owner of Right Angle Sports, who is known as one of the very best college basketball totals handicappers ever. When Right Angle Sports college totals are launched, the line will normally move 3 to 4points.

Golden's philosophy is to focus on the smaller conferences, which do not get nearly as much attention as the main conferences, and those conferences which happen to be close to your location.

A sports bettor who lives in the East is more likely to have a better feel for what is happening in the MAAC than what is taking place in the Big Sky Conference.

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Tips For College Totals Bettors

One thing college totals wagers should do is try to watch as many games as possible to see the story behind the final score. Knowing if a team can manage defensive pressure or if a team has trouble against a zone defense can be invaluable bits of information when it relates to wagering totals. Field goals and field goal percentages may be misleading without knowing exactly how they happened. If a team is averaging a high number of points early in the season because they have played primarily running teams, there is the possibility for a good under bet when the squad faces a team which stresses defense.

3-point percentages, both for and against, is another element to take into account when looking at totals. Games which should go under the total can often find ways to go over if a team can handle to hit several long-range shots in the final minutes. Similarly, a poor-shooting 3-point team can see games end up going under the total if they are asked to try and play catch-up in the final seconds.

Most college basketball totals will be in the 130 to 150 range, but wagers will run into numbers varying from 110 to 170. Do not panic to go under a low number or go over on a high number if your handicapping recommends that is the right bet. There is a reason the lines were posted as they were.

Wagers should also keep an eye on line movements throughout the day, especially on the non-televised, non-marquee games. A line movement on a nationally televised game can be the outcome of the public betting one way. A line movement on the total between two small, little known teams is more likely to be the result of sharp wagers getting their bets down.

Lastly, one of the most significant keys to betting college basketball totals is to shop for the best line available. Due to the smaller wagering limits, sportsbooks are faster to move lines, and those bettors taking a bit of time to make sure they bet into the best available number are rewarded with some extra wins at the end of the season.

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