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[ 26-05-2016 ]
Some information about Asia Reinsurance Broker

Asia reinsurance brokers are insurance intermediaries and consultants for their customers who can be insurance companies, reinsurance companies or insurance brokers.

Asia reinsurance brokers are insurance intermediaries and consultants for their customers who can be insurance companies, reinsurance companies or insurance brokers. Reinsurance brokers help their customers to solve reinsurance needs for support capacity and protection of their balance sheet. The process of offering reinsurance solutions has a variety of activities from analysis of customer's insurance portfolios to looking for our reinsurance markets which can provide capacity or protection at sound and competitive terms.

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Reinsurance broking operations often involves business developments and support services. Business developments involve producing brokers and servicing brokers that will be involved in the production, placement and servicing of business. Support service entails personnel who can provide technical accounting, reinsurance contract vetting and financial accounting fields.

Normally, the scope of services offered by reinsurance Asian betting brokers call for a huge variety of skills and disciplines. It is envisaged that general qualifications and interest fitted for reinsurance broking could related to Law, Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Insurance Studies and Business Administration.

In addition to requisite individual qualifies related to a job which involves transactions with foreign markets; long hours; peak time in December; extensive travel; detailed work and negotiate skills, the prospective brokers must possess a passion for work in a business environment.

Reinsurance broking is known as a rewarding job. Normally, starting salaries for brokers are at $1,600 per month. Salaries for support employees, who are usually expected to be competent, can be around $2,000.

Asia Reinsurance Brokers: Orderly Markets , Optimized Results, Execute The Transaction

The main role of the Asia reinsurance brokers is to help insurers stay away from risk out of their portfolios, most usually— unsurprisingly — through the purchase of reinsurance. Cedents have 3 basic goals for the use of reinsurance: remove risk held, boost the productivity of capital and handle earnings. The first is obvious — reinsurance entails the act of transferring risk to another party. By doing this, the cedent gains flexibility in deploying the capital it has on hand, producing revenues, market shares and market capitalization growth opportunity. Insurers also use reinsurance to prevent some volatility from their earnings. Consequently, reinsurance is much more than a strategic risk management tool; rather, it is of tactical value to every cedent in the market place.

Doing a reinsurance transaction is not as easy as finding a willing reinsurer and sign a contract. The process contains the efforts of a range of contributors to ascertain what risks to transfer, in what amount and to which reinsurers. Besides the analysis of the cedent’s portfolio, the reinsurer have to be evaluated to guarantee its reliability.

Maybe the most basic role of the Asia reinsurance brokers is to support insurers to find capital for risk transfer. Specifically, this contains scouring the reinsurance market for the companies which are willing to assume a specific risk and able to support it. Different reinsurers concentrate on particular areas, with the larger among them having separate groups to manage certain risks. Their requirements vary, and the Asia reinsurance brokers help the cedent navigate this maze to decide the most suitable reinsurers to use.

What is the difference between reinsurer and reinsurance broker?

Reinsurers take on risk from the primary company whereas Asia broker manage the transaction. For the Asian brokers, their customers are the primary company. Nevertheless, the reinsurers pay their brokerage.

Primary insurers can forgo brokers and work directly with the reinsurer. In today's environment, using an Asia reinsurance brokers is more popular than working direct.

There are some reasons explaining why primary companies use Asia brokers:

- Help them save time and resources and ask the brokers to find out the best rate

- Brokers can provide a wide range of information about the reinsurance market like certain appetites, available capacity or changing pricing standard.

- Reinsurance programs are flexible. Brokers design and analyze a huge range of options and offer advice for the primary company.

- Brokers will support in reporting claims to the reinsurers on the primary company’s behalf.

These are the ones which immediately come to mind. There are much more services that Asia brokers offer, specifically with the today competitive environment, brokers are offering a large number of analytical resources to the companies which are unrelated to the reinsurance transaction (solutions for predictive modeling, help them design a model, etc)

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