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[ 25-05-2016 ]
How to Bet on Soccer

The soccer betting - How to Bet on Soccer

Soccer betting is known as one of the most common forms of sports betting activities which are enjoyed all over the globe. Many American will be surprised to know that in Europe, soccer betting is similar to professional football betting in the US. It enjoys that much support from the wagering public and is the most common sport all over the world.


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Soccer betting is equivalent to betting on pro baseball and National Hockey League, in which it uses what is known as the money line.

Soccer betting is different from baseball betting. In soccer betting, not only can you make a bet on either team, you can also bet that it will be a tie game. Since you can bet on a tie, meaning that if you bet on a soccer team that team has to win the game or else you lose your bet.

Example of Soccer Lines

The typical odds on a soccer match might look like this:

Rotherham United - 182

Draw + 230

Forest Green + 450

In this example, if a gambler bets on Rotherham United, they will risk $18.20 to gain $10, whereas those backing Forest Green stand to win $45 for every $10 bet if their team wins. Bettors also have the choice to bet the game will be played to a draw and those bettors would risk $10 for the chance of winning $23. Keep in mind, as you can make a bet on a tie, your team has to win the match or else you will lose your bet.

The odds on the other soccer match can be similar to this:

Bristol Rovers + 140

Draw + 220

Leyton Orient + 150

In this example, two teams are underdogs, something that never happens in baseball or the NHL, due to the possibility of a tie match.

If you are not granted the choice to on a draw and the match ends up with a tied score, your bets will be refunded, as they are with other bets which end up a tie. Without the draw option, the odds on the above match will likely be:

Bristol Rovers - 115

Leyton Orient -105

Here, a bettor risks slightly more than they stand to win, but won’t lose their bet if the match ends up with a tie score.

Other Types of Soccer Bets

On a lot of soccer matches there may be a total (over/under) posted, so that a bettor can bet over a number of goals or under a number of goals. A typical number for these types of bets is 2.5, so that a person betting on the over will need at least 3 goals scored to win the bet, whereas a person betting on the under could have no more than 2 goals scored to win their bet.

A number of soccer matches also will have proposition bets offered, like the time of the first goal, the team to score first, or the team ahead at halftime. These can be profitable for the one who is very knowledgeable on the soccer teams they place a bet on.

Now, you have the basic understanding of soccer betting. Those who are used to money line betting should have no difficulty in making the plunge into the world of soccer.

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