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[ 23-05-2016 ]
The Four Most Popular Chinese And Asian Gambling Games

If you do not know which Asian gambling games in Asian gambling market, try reading this article to know about them and decide to play and make a bet on any of them.

Quite often, website publishers forget that their websites can be viewed - and clicked-on - all over the world. This is the case, and so it is worth looking into appealing users not only from Europe and North America, but also from Asian gambling market. We are talking about a continent including most of the people in the world - over 4 billion at the last count - and increasing. Yes, China is the powerhouse, but there are also a lot of other countries where people view gambling in Asia as their daily hobby.

Card games are among the most common pastimes in Asian gambling games market. Hong Kong and Macau hold common poker tournaments, and then there are venues like Thailand and South Korea, where the high-rollers usually play for days on end. It is a different market to that which you may be used to, so for that reason, you should take a look at our guide to the most common Asian card games. Then, get promoting, get SEO-optimizing, and watch the clicks build up on your affiliate ads.

Asian gambling games

Baccarat Is A True Classic among Asian gambling games

It is very possible that you have already played a bit of baccarat; it is a common game all around the world. Nevertheless, it is among the most played Asian gambling games, and on the Chinese dependency of Macau, it is the most common table game played on the peninsula's casinos. Given that Macau is considered to be "the Las Vegas of Asia" in Asian gambling market, that is not nothing.

Even though the sombre card game, played by upper-class high-rollers since its inception, has a stuffy image, infused with smoke from cigars and men in bow ties, it is played by all-comers nowadays. The reasons for selecting baccarat are many, but it tends to be a high-risk, high-stakes card game.

Sic Bo – The Popular Asian gambling games In The Philippines

Sic bo has meaning of "precious dice," and comes from China, where it has been played since the old times. It is the kind of game that is ingrained not only in Chinese culture but also in China's national identity. For that reason, you would be a fool not to want to promote it on your gaming-related websites. Given that the game, as hi-lo, is also common in the Philippines, one of the world's most densely-populated nations, there is a goldmine of users, if they find you.

It is a game of chance, played with 3 dice. The objective is to bet on what the 3 dice will do, covering a series of possibilities. If it occurs, you will be the winner.

For Domino Asian gambling games Lovers: Pai Gow

A domino game which has been played for at least a millennium, pai gow is, similar to sic bo, something a lot of Chinese people grow up knowing instinctively how to play. For that reason, you had better know the basic things of this amazing pick from the many Chinese casino games offered.

There is a poker variant of this game, but the oldest and most played game is the one played on Chinese dominoes. The game contains adding together the total on dominoes, and calculating the score - dropping the first "1" in a double-figure score, so for instance 15 becomes 5 and so on. The max possible hand is 9.

Probably The Most Played Asian Gambling Games: Mahjong

If you wish to make inroads into China and Japan, begin posting about mahjong, and support one of the casinos offering affiliate programs on Online Affiliate World which promotes this good game. In Asia, mahjong, which can be the most common Asian gambling games, is often enjoyed with dominoes, and will be familiar to players of the popular card game in Europe, rummy.

Every player (normally in a group of 4, even though this can change) gets a hand of 13 tiles, with players battling it out to get a meld (4 tiles) or a head (2 tiles), and local rules applying.

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