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[ 21-05-2016 ]
Sports Betting Tips - minority impossible to win!

Before you decide to bet at any sportsbook, you should equip yourself with some sports betting tips and all the factors which enable you to win your bets.

It is a widely common knowledge that a huge number of sports bettors are going to lose money.  The most common is that 90-percent of sports bettors lose their money over the course of the year, but that does not stop people from betting on sports. When those gamblers eventually go broke and can not bet any more, there is always someone else waiting to take their place in lines. The obvious reason is that not only they are in lack of sports betting tips but also due to other elements. Let’s find out what they are:

Money Management - Sports Betting Tips

The top reason most sports bettors suffer their losses is not due to poor picks, but instead is due to poor money management. There are far more bettors that can pick winners than there are who can make money, and money management is known as the key element.

Making a bet of $50 on one game and $500 on another is surely a way to find yourself separated from your cash in the long term, just as making a bet of 50-percent of your bankroll on one game will ultimately result in disaster. A sports gambler might win some games when betting more than they hope, but finally the loss, or losses, will come and the bettors end up in trouble.

Doubling up after winnings or losses is another way to disaster, and is a popular mistake many bettors make, like those who have been gambling for years.

If you have ever read books about sports betting tips, you will see that nearly everyone has at least one chapter on money management and that is not because authors like writing about it. It is because it is such important.

sports betting tips

Sports betting tips

Sports betting tips – Try Not To Gamble on the Wrong Events

It is no secret that football and basketball are 2 sports which receive the huge amount of betting dollars, just as it is no secret that most long-time sports gamblers will say those are probably the two most difficult sports to show a long-term profit in.

The sport of choice for most professional bettors is baseball, which happens to rank well below the top 2 sports in the amount of money earned. Hockey is another sport that many long-time bettors believe can give the sports bettors an advantage over the sportsbook casino, but hockey is bet less than even baseball.

A sports bettor does not need to particularly like baseball or hockey. Providing that they like money, those are two sports which should be played, or at least look for someone that is a good baseball or hockey handicapper and follow their play.

Sports betting tips – Be knowledgeable

Most sports gamblers know just enough to put them in danger, as there is a lot of difference between being knowledgeable in the NFL and in NFL. Name the starting offensive line for the Dallas Cowboys is not likely to help a person win a bet.

What many sports gamblers do not realize is that they are actually competing against other gamblers who spend countless hours on handicapping, study trends, injuries, and bet angles.

If you do not have the time to research the games, try to look for somebody who does, whether it be on a posting forum, a reliable sports betting tips service, etc., but do not suppose you know more than everyone else.

There is the old joke of sports gamblers who lose week after week, and in the end, his bookie starts to feel regretful for the guy and suggests that he may want to try gambling on hockey.

Sports betting tips – Do not Bet On Too Many TV Games

There are a lot of bettors who feel if a game is televized, it is their duty to make a bet on the contest. While this did not cause much of a problem years ago, there are a lot of games which are televised now, that gamblers can easily place 7 or 8 bets on a single night, and even more on the weekend.

Typically, the lines are the sharpest on televised games, as the oddsmakers and sportsbooks realize that those games will be wagered the heaviest.

If you must place a bet on every televised game, those bets should be much lower than your typical bets, somewhere around a quarter of the amount. I have seen a number of solid handicappers lose money over time by gambling the same amount, if not more, on games which are televised than they do on games they honestly think are good bets.

Sports betting tips - Casino Betting

This is a quite new one for sports gamblers to deal with, as many sportsbooks online now have casino-style gambling, which is too much for some sports gamblers, including some very good sports bettors, to walk away from. I have known of more than one solid sports betting tips bettor who will normally show a profit each week, but give that money back, and a little extra, play the casino games their sportsbooks offer.

There is always the legitimacy of online casino to worry about, as well. It is one thing to be at a blackjack table and see the dealer draw a 5 to their 16 to beat your 20, but it is a bit different when it happens online.

It is simple to see the allure, as why try to grind out a small profit betting sports, when you can hit a Royal Flush playing video poker and soon earn $1,000 or $4,000?

If this is a problem for you, try to e-mail the sportsbook and ask them to block you from their casino. Trust me, they understand, and I hear of quite some of them that will actually do it.

There is not any one key to becoming a winning sports bettor, but those who have  sports betting tips of money management, put in some time, and follow discipline, are usually a step above the majority of bettors.

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