High Volume Solution

Suitable for big bettors, syndicates, bookmakers. This is a service which allow high volume betting which ultilize our network in Asia.

Betting via online messenger or by phone.
Up to 20 times the common limits at asian bookies. Eg. Limit at bookie is 500 euros, we will be able to get at least 10,000 euros.
Receive your winnings as soon as the game have finished.
You can also have multiple accounts with you and only use this solution when you need it.

The whole process is very transparent and clear. Once you register your broker account, we will provide you with our online messenger. Only one predefined messenger account will be used to prevent fraud.
When you are ready to make a bet, please contact our friendly traders by messenger. You are required to inform them the league, bet type (not the bet) and the amount you wish to stake. If the amount is impossible to be achieved at a single price, we will offer you knock down odds in terms of -0.02, -0.04, -0.06 etc.
We reserve the right to reject your bet and you can withdraw your funds.
If you are fine with the offer, you can tell us the bet and hold on for our confirmation while we hit the market. This usually takes between 2 - 5 minutes.
Our trader will inform you of the amount and odds once they completed taking the bet.
In the event that odds dropped before we confirm the bet, we will infom you the amount and the odds that have been taken. Do note that this might be less than what you required.
For live betting, we will update you whenever bets are confirmed untill all bets are confirmed.

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