Your clients should be high rollers who are always looking for ways to get big stakes for their betting. Our high volume solution works best for them. Base on the monthly profit your clients achieved, the commission will be as follows:

Monthly Profit = 80,000 euros
Commission = 0.6%
Your earnings = 80000*0.60% = 480 euros

For affiliates who can afford to take risk, we do offer a service for you to follow or bet against your clients.

Your clients perfer to bet directly on the net in sites like sbobet,ibcbet, singbet etc. We offer various sites with the best pricing ( 5% spread for major leagues) for this. This commission scheme is shared based on the 0.25% rebates that we received from each book based on the online account betting turnover.

Monthly Turnover = 1,000,000 euros
Rebate = 60%
Your earnings = 1,000,000*0.25%*0.6
                       = 1500euros
# Void/Draw bets are not considered in turnover

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